The Moorish Wanderer

Party Logos Like You Have Never Seen Them Before (or not)

Just some stuff to mess around with and enjoy some well-deserved time-off with Party logotypes.

PAM - Mater from "Cars" 3D Cartoon

PAM and Mater are both sidekicks. they’re there for the show; there might be some goodwill in them, but the action -and thus the attached attention to it- definitely is happening somewhere else. Plus, you know, he might look 3D and all, but at the bottom of it, both Mater and PAM are fundamentally old hands really.

Green Lantern - PJD

God-given powers indeed to Green Lantern! A small party (formerly MPDC) rises from nowhere to fame and popularity, thanks to mysterious green powers (green, incidentally, is the generic colour associated to political Islamism). Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Abdelilah Benkirane dressed in green tights, wearing a mask and holding the Green Lantern in one hand, and smashing his way through with beams from the Green Ring on the other. That would be quite a sight to see.

Guns'n'Roses - USFP

A well-known grown who performed well in the early and mid-1990s, but Guns’n’Roses lost it a bit over the years; just the same for USFP, ageing and unable to reform, and somehow engaging lately in some Chinese Democracy with Abdelouahed Radi re-enlisting as a Representative candidate.

RNI - Twitter

too easy a comparison, but hey, what do you know? As the elections closed in on, a motley of young RNI activists (I should say operatives, these are professional mob, y’know) have flocked to twitter and flooded it with #DixitMezouar and other funny hashtags. Oh, and just like with Twitter, RNI’s manifesto takes place in less than 140 characters. Well done.

Tria - MP

There is nothing like good wheat and flour. MP is as delicious as pasta from Tria. Pity no MP leader looks like Tria’s mascot: bulky, large moustache and endowed with some degree of bonhomie and humour -pretty much like Super Mario, but a Chef instead of a Plumber. Instead they ended up with a soulless technocrat who can barely manage a smile – or a new idea, to that matter.

Wafa Bank - PT

The old Wafa Bank logo (pre merger) kind of suits PT party for only one reason: Abdelkrim Benâatik was a Bank employee before joining up politics. That’s pretty much the only viable similarity I can come up with at the time.

UC - Ferrari

I might have been too indulgent with the party in comparing them to Ferrari. I was first set on Lux battery white horse. But then again, from all parties going downhill ever since they have left office, a bit of polish to an otherwise void-like party wouldn’t do any harm.