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Government to the Right of it, Opposition and Civil Society to the Left of it; into the valley of superficial debates rode the lonely real issues of the economy. Or perhaps it serves both parties well to focus their energy on the debate on executive oversight over the public media network. It suits the conservative government fine because economic news and the (rare) forecasts aren’t predicting rosy years ahead, and the opposition, scattered within and outside the institutions, is left to clinch on purely secondary, or narrowly defined interest-related issues;

Anything to get the public distracted.

Don’t get me wrong, human right abuses and predatory behaviour from high up are not to be disparaged, and even the Football stuff going around is worthy of consideration – although I cannot recall an instance with an interest (even passion) as strong as that displayed whenever the FLP Derby were up. Colonial alienation, moi?

And yes, even the farcical (at this point) trial of #Feb20 figurehead rapper Mouad can be a noble cause to take up and fight for. But why is there so little attention devoted to the economic issues?

To the media’s defence, there were some pieces run in major newspapers about how the government’s coffers were replenished at a higher level compared to 2011. But these were just reports copied straight from official documents released by the Finance Ministry. No particularly insightful comments were made about the worsening state of public finances, the debt or the deficit. And what about the government’s bravado on the Compensation fund reform and their boast on how they’d curb economic special interests. No one to call the conservative PJD on their empty promises, but then again, parliamentary opposition is just as feckless as the ‘civil society’ platform’s vain interest in an agenda that ranks far behind pocketbook issues.

No one is calling Ministers Boulif, Azami, Baraka or even the Head of Government for their handling on their economy, and their bluff on how they can keep up with the Government’s pledge to restore a 5.5% average growth by 2016, or the subsidies allocated by the Compensation Fund. The opposition, notably Ahmed ‘Wonderboy’ Reda Chami writing a full (Facebook) post denouncing the Communications Ministry’s handling of public media, instead of doing a meaningful job at the Budget and Finances committee.

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  1. GH said, on April 25, 2012 at 13:29

    Can I suggest an answer? Because the economy is not the responsibility of this government. Did you think that PJD has the power to alter the budget? They can’t even intimidate a news host in 2M. I follow your posts and I love your economic analysis but you have to know that PJD is not able or willing to take the driver seat in this issue. On the other hand, the citizen lambda doesn’t understand growth, GDP, deficit… but he understands that PJD wants to bring Moroccans to Islam as if now we are Hindus.
    It is easier to gain points with the people by forcing 2M to air Friday prayers. The funny thing is that they are struggling even with these small changes. Moroccans have the politicians that deserve, not like if politicians are much better elsewhere.
    You can’t expect much from a government with all the colours of the rainbow. I will never understand this milk shake of government. The main goal of this government is to calm down the protests in the street and they did just that. Once done, they will be sacked. By now we will all enjoy Benkiran, the don quixote fighting windmills. It is pathetic that with all the problems that Morocco has, the government is discussing who actor or former soccer player has a taxi permit? what 2M will air Friday afternoon? This government wants to create an illusion of change and they will play at the end the card of the “resistance”, we need another 5 years to crash our resistance and bring you more prosperity. And guess what? it will probably work.
    PJD is inviting a new theory in political science, the government-opposition. For the first time in my life I heard a MP from the winning coalition threatens to take the fight back to the street. Following Moroccan politics can get you diabetes. So what to analyse? Most likely you are debating an intern in PJD who is answering your tweets. Please !! I think you should use your talent elsewhere because Adam Smith for sure didn’t know about Morocconomics.

  2. Pr. X said, on April 26, 2012 at 19:43

    For one thing, there’s precious little evidence that a certain economic policy is the holy grail towards maximization of Human happiness. For another, the center of power hasn’t budged one inch in the grand scheme of things. The palace is where it’s at when it comes to the decisions that matter.

    L7a9ed’s trial is about freedom of expression. And that’s more important for many Moroccans than economic policy…because it’s demonstrably a necessary condition to moving our bums out of the autoritarian regime category and join the democratic first world.

    Inalienable rights do not include wealth, a nanny state, or an economically egalitarian society. They do however include freedom of expression and other corollary rights that the makhzen shamelessly takes away from us.

    Go fuck yourself and your “farcical” convictions.

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