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Budget 2012 – The Opposition Does NOT Strike Back

Posted in Dismal Economics, Flash News, Moroccan Politics & Economics, Morocco by Zouhair ABH on April 6, 2012

But rather runs for cover.

Yesterday the Budget and Finances Committee passed the first part of the Budget Bill untouched -hence rejecting amendments tabled by opposition members.

2012/03/29 : أنهت اللجنة دراسة مواد المشروع .(تم وضع التعديلات بشأنه بتاريخ 02/04/12 من طرف كل من الحكومة وفرق ومجموعتي الأغلبية والفريق الاشتراكي وفريق التجمع الوطني للأحرار وفريق الأصالة والعاصرة والفريق الدستوري).

2012/04/05 : (صباحا): شرعت اللجنة في البت في مواد الجزء الأول من المشروع حيث توقفت عند المادة 7.

2012/04/05 : (مساء): وافقت اللجنة على مواد الجزء الأول من المشروع كما عدلته بأغلبية 24 صوتا ومعارضة 3 أصوات وامتناع 5 نواب عن التصويت.

Tally goes as follows: 24 in favour, 5 against and 3 abstentions. This is quite understandable given the fact that it’s a government bill, and fragmented opposition doesn’t usually get to block or attach important amendments. But it is worth pointing out the Commission is made up of 50 members of parliament, many of whom are senior members of their respective parties (F.Z. Mansouri, A.R. Chami, M. Hazib and H. Chabat, among others) and though this is an important bill, less than two-thirds of the Committee-persons showed up.  That is to say the most important part of the Budget -Part I is about Fiscal and non-Fiscal receipts- has been passed with no amendments at 24 votes out of 50, one vote short of an absolute majority.

I mean, the opposition members do know they have no chance in blocking the Budget if they’d wanted to, but only 5 votes out of at least 15? Way to go.

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