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Mezouar Goes Viral

Posted in Flash News, Moroccan ‘Current’ News, Moroccanology, Morocco, Polfiction, Read & Heard by Zouhair ABH on October 12, 2011

I came across that video of Salaheddine Mezouar, outgoing Finance Minister and (supposedly) leader of the “A8” Alliance. Just watch:

I am cracking myself up with that! I love the contrasted collar, the cufflinks, the blue shirt with no tie, the relaxed posture… even the GODDAMN MAC LAPTOP and IPHONE/SMARTPHONE ON THE BACKGROUND! Seems Minister Mezouar has got all he needs to projects an image of modernity, youth and change (even though he has been around in all government ever since 2002, and his party has been in power since its foundation in 1977, hardly a factor of change, wouldn’t you say?)

Well, we nihilists are not getting the full democratic institutions we need, but we are at least issued the by-products of modern, mass-consumer democracy they serve in the UK, continental Europe or the USA: politicians on the web, trying to spin their image as hip and trying also to win over a small but apparently influential blogosphere, with the help of PR consultancy firms. I don’t know, but it seems Mezouar & Co are -so far- vastly overestimating what the Blogoma and Twittoma can do in terms of opinion leadership. And it’s a great thing, we can go around pushing our agendas. So my question to the Minister is as follows:

“Minister, Why don’t you raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for the debt you have been piling on over the last two years?”

Monsieur le Ministre, pourquoi n’allez-vous pas augmenter la tranche marginale de l’impôt sur le revenu pour payer la dette accumulée ces deux dernières années?”

“سعادة الوزير، لماذا لا ترفع من سقف الضريبة على دخل الشريحة العليا لتسديد الديون التي راكمتها منذ سنتين؟”

Oh, and if any RNI operative comes across this, I’d suggest they have a read at the following to convince themselves I buttress my claims.

RNI: TROLOLOL since 1977

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  1. sumayya said, on October 13, 2011 at 03:00

    Thanks for posting this, could you tell me where it was originally broadcast? Was it just posted to the Youtube site first? There aren’t too many hits there.


  2. Blasé said, on October 13, 2011 at 17:06

    Sur la dernière image, fallait ajouter “A coallition for all ideologies.”. Bref, on rigole maintenant, mais on l’aura sur nos têtes les cinq ans à venir.

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