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A Journey To the Museum

A few days ago, I paid a visit to the Resistance and Moroccan Liberation Army, a visit I was planning a long time ago, but kept cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances. I have now.
The museum itself is quite spacious. I was surprised, because when one gets in, the ground floor, though large, is relatively poorly furnished: a conference table with three or four chairs by your left, a huge wall full of pictures circa 1956 above it. On the right, the whole Alaouite dynasty, right from Moulay Ali Cherif to the King Mohammed V. I was at first skeptical about it all. What, the whole museum boils down to a few pictures. That’s not a museum, that’s an amateur exposition. Plus there was no one there. Admittedly, holidays and upcoming Ramadan explain it, though I am confident the representative Moroccan citizen has other areas of interest, hardly of historical nature, I guess.

The Conference table, and a large fresque on the background.

The guide then asked me if I wanted to go upstairs: There are other things to see in the 4th and 5th floors as well. Blimey, FIVE floors of relics and stuff related to the Resistance and Liberation Army!

I realized then a lot of money was put in this museum, which is ironic, considering how the monarchy was scared to death by any hypothetical threats the MLA or the urban resistance were to its hegemonic projects. That’s why the immediate years following independance were quite bloody, with the resistants betrayed and cutting each others’ throats, to the monarchy’s supreme benefit. Anyway, that’s the past, isn’t it? Plus the official line now is that of a very homogenous resistance, monarchists everyone last of them.

A very Soviet-like propaganda picture. I like how the star is shaped, very Soviet-like indeed.

I then proceeded to the second floor, with hardly any difference to the ground floor. It is all pictures and eulogies to the late King Mohammed V. Photographs of good quality, well framed and with interesting comments. I saw the crown prince Hassan in his Scout Uniform during the Sultan’s visit to Tangier, April 1947, of famous memory. In any case, it remains an invaluable heritage for the future generation to seek.

Then, the third and fourth floors turned out to be more interesting. You can find there relics from the glorious tale of urban resistance and feats of the MLA-North. Pistols, false papers, machine-guns… They even managed to display on dummies uniforms of the MLA, with the distinctive cap they wore. I didn’t find time for the rest of the museum, but It would be my pleasure to go back in there. Anyway, if you have some time to spare, pop out there, it’s really worth it!

Soldier, north sector. He is wearing the standard MLA cap, holding a (captured) French Sub-machine gun. Crica 1955.

More picture here.

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  2. Big Brother Maroc said, on August 22, 2010 at 23:24

    haha : Makhzen Brigade YOUR SELF !

    So, you are in Morocco ?

    By the way, i did never visit this museum before !

  3. mode20100 said, on August 26, 2010 at 18:33

    A+ would read again

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